ARMY Dress Release!!


Hello, members.

TSS has started.
It is "ARMY Dress". (All five colors)
Since you can wear existing "Drawers ~ use under a skirt ~",
please use those who have you.
Please try DEMO.

Thank you<3

ROSE Head Acce Releace!!


Hello, members.

Etoile has started.
We sell ROSE Head Acce gacha.
Please fit in the desired position according to your hair style.

Thank you<3

Ambrosia's KIMONO Release!!


Hello, members.

Okinawa New Year Festivalが始まりました。

※Please try DEMO at the venue.

Tweed skirt & Ribbon knit Release !!


Hello, members.
Kawaii Nation has started.
We sell Tweed skirt & Ribbon knit.
Please find your favorite combination.
Thank you<3

※Please try DEMO at the venue.

Mary Dress Release !!


Hello, members.
The Okinawa Winter Festival has started.

Ambrosia has dressed a jumper skirt.
FAT PACK has special colors with two colors as well.
There is preparation of event limited GIFT.
Please visit us.

※Please try DEMO at the venue.

Off Shoulder knitted one-piece Release!!


Hello, Thank you always (* 'ω `*)

I will participate in "Girl Power" starting on November 8.
It is an off shoulder knit dress.
The strap of the shoulder is also available with Texture change HUD and ONOFF.

I will present Christmas pattern as Exclusive this time.
Exclusive is sold only during the event period, it is slightly cheaper.

※Please try DEMO at the venue.

Once Upon a Nightmare hunt - 2018


Hello, Thank you always.
I am participating in "Once Upon a Nightmare hunt - 2018" which began today.
It is a hunt that joins the group and adds a HUD and goes around each store.
Hunt Group :  Finders, Keepers. Hunt Events

Hint  :   Click here !

It is until October 30th. Since the period is short, please come early.
Thank you.