The 11th anniversary hunt & LB


We will hold an annual anniversary hunt.
Activate group tag and find 10 candy.
We installed wearable LB of Bolero together with hunt product bustle.
Please touch when the first letter of your name is displayed.

Sweatshirt Release!!


Hello, Long time no see.
I will attend an event hosted by my friend.
It will be held from June 1st.

Antique Bustle Dress GACHA Release!!


We will participate in "TSS" starting from the 10th.
It is Gacha. RARE is frilled bolero, 2 sets of common corset (included),
 skirt, head accessory of rose, garter and pants (included)
All five colors.
I arranged it to antique. Please try to wear sexy cute <3

Fluffy Animal Gacha Release!!


Hello, Long time no see.
I will participate in the "Commotion Event" starting on the 22nd.

It is Gacha. RARE is a set of pandas common bear and rabbit.
Please wear it pretty <33

An opening event is also underway now.

ARMY Dress Release!!


Hello, members.

TSS has started.
It is "ARMY Dress". (All five colors)
Since you can wear existing "Drawers ~ use under a skirt ~",
please use those who have you.
Please try DEMO.

Thank you<3

ROSE Head Acce Releace!!


Hello, members.

Etoile has started.
We sell ROSE Head Acce gacha.
Please fit in the desired position according to your hair style.

Thank you<3

Ambrosia's KIMONO Release!!


Hello, members.

Okinawa New Year Festivalが始まりました。

※Please try DEMO at the venue.