Succubus & Ribbon Choker(oc) Release!!

 Hello and thank you for your continued support.
We will be at OKINAWA SUMMER NIGHTS ’23.
Duration 18 August at 08:00am SLT - 31 August.

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The theme of this year's Okinawa summer event is "Eroticism.
Although Ambrosia is usually the opposite of erotic, we tried to change our image.
5 colors in total, no FAT PACK.
Succubus horns and tail included.
Have fun with your favorite color.

Furthermore, gift priced items (69L$) are also available.
Open collar ribbon choker.
A color change HUD is included in the package.
(It is the same color as the Succubus costume.)
Use it with the costume if you want to enjoy BDSM play.

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