The 13th Anniversary MINI HUNT



Hello, Always thank you:))
***Ambrosia*** celebrates its 13th anniversary in June.

I had a very enjoyable 13 years.
I am grateful that this is all thanks to everyone who supported me.
Thank you very much<33


***Ambrosia***The 13th Anniversary mini hunt Overview

Period June 1st - June 26th, 2021 (SLT).
Hunt is limited to group.
Group membership is charged.

You will find 8 objects with pink polka dot candy!

* Chiffon Girl ~Maitreya
* Ribbon Pumps[dots] ~Maitreya
* Spring Chiffon[navy] ~Maitreya
* EXCENTRIQUE[blue2] ~Maitreya
* Candy Shower[pink lace] ~Maitreya
* Tiered sundress[pink daisy] ~Maitreya
* Drawers[pink daisy] ~Maitreya
* Dots tunic[blue] ~Maitreya

This is a group-only hunt, so please activate the group tag.

I want many people to enjoy the event,
Please do not publish the hiding place of candy in blog etc.
(Please introduce your clothes by all means ♪)
Enjoy hunt! !